Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th February 2020

If like us, you're never quite on it enough to take a packed lunch to events, then don't worry because our canteen will be serving food all day...and here's the menu 


Served from 0830 - 1045 

Toast with jam - ​£1.50 

Bacon Ciabattas - £3.95 

Egg Ciabattas - £3.30 

Porridge - £1.95 with Toppings (Golden Syrup - £0.50/Fruit&Nut Mix - £1.00/Granola Topping - £0.50)

Danish Pastry - £2.50 

Selection of hot drinks - from £2.60 

Cold drinks from £1.50 


served from 1115 - 1530 

Hot Sausage Rolls - £3.00 

Beef&Vegetable or Cheese&Onion Pasty - £4.10 

Sandwiches - from £3.95 

Fruits - £1.00 

Crisps - £1.25 

Confectionery - from £1.50 


(£4.95) it's a 4-Item box to include: 

Sandwich (Ham or Cheese) 

Drink (Capri Sun Blackcurrant or Capri Sun Orange) 

Fruit (Apple, Banana or Orange) 

Sweet or Savory option (Mini Double Chocolate Muffin or Pom Bears) 

Hot Food Adult - £9.25 

Child portions are half of an adult portion and prices start from £4.75 

Vegetarian Lasagne 

Battered Cod & Chips 

Sausage and mash 

Vegetarian sausages and mash 

Spaghetti bolognese 

Selection of hot drinks as well as cold ones including water, FruitShoot, Innocent Orange Juice and alcoholic drinks. 


Snacks, hot & cold drinks available from 1530 - 1800 


And the adult creche will be serving, snacks, and hot, cold and alcoholic drinks in the arena throughout the festival too. 


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