• kim and Mike Rossiter

154 days to go!

The last couple of weeks have been so exciting for us. We have scaled the country for some really great attractions which we think everyone will love. We are so close to booking them that we feel like a pair of children on Christmas eve!

We have put in an order for a whole bunch of giant inflatables including a massive dragon slide, knights and princess obstacle course, multi sports arena and lots more for all ages!

The Geo Bus has been conformed for the event and we will add links for what they do on our social media and website. They are such a great group of scientists who are able to educate and entertain children by running workshops on how shake proof houses are built in earthquake stricken areas. They also run workshops to show children how river beds are created and how erosion occurs. They do this by using a giant water tank which the children are welcome to explore.

I think these two activities define the opposite ends of the spectrum for how we would like the children to be entertained at the kids fest. On one side we will have the quieter, educational activities, which will be designed to get young minds learning and thinking for themselves, and then we will have the out-and-out sports based, adrenaline rush which will just about tire them out so they fall asleep in the car on the way home, leaving you time to scoff a few congratulatory cakes without them noticing!

We are so looking forward to adding more events, and keeping everyone updated over the coming months.

Please stay posted here, and on our social media accounts for more news

Mike, Kim and the girls xxx

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