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Apostrophe or not to Apostrophe

When Bessy (our eldest) arrived, I was so consumed with “getting it right,” NOT making mistakes, avoiding any pitfall which would impact on her development and have some kind of negative impression on her character forever! I found myself questioning everything (a is a sure-fire way of going mad). Since we started planning The Kids’ Fest, I’ve discovered that starting your own business, is no different!

We were a few weeks into planning The Kids’ Fest and I cannot tell you how long we debated whether it should be Kids Fest or Kid’s Fest. Were we talking about a festival for lots of children, or were we trying to reach parents on an individual level and talk about a festival for their child? Which was the right angle? Should we use and apostrophe!? There was lots of back and forth, lots of Googling!

That is when we realised that it didn’t need to be either, it could be both! This is not just a festival for children, it is a festival for every individual child on a mass level! It isn’t about reaching one child and finding the perfect day for them, it is about reaching as many children as possible and building the right festival for them.

This was our eureka moment because this ethos has carried through all the decisions we have made, and will make, about what to have, or not to have at the festival. So, all of our food is child-friendly portions and prices, we’ve thought really carefully about what each age group might like to do. We‘ve thought about what different children might be into and what they might start to be into once they’ve experienced it at The Kids’ Fest. We’ve thought about what we’d love our children to experience if they were going to a festival, and we’ve searched high and low to find the best in the business to bring your children a first-class festival experience of their very own!

…we also learnt how to use an apostrophe properly too.

Kim, Mike & the girls xxxx

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