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Christmas has OFFICIALLY begun and we are beyond excited!

At The Peterborough Kids’ Fest HQ aka The Rossiter household, we like to start Christmas from the very beginning of December. In fact, last year our tree went up on 27th November as that’s when the Christmas lights were switched on in our hometown of St Neots.

Putting the tree up and decorating our house is a real event for us. On goes Netflix with it's “real” log burning fire. Mike does the leg work of going into the cupboard under the stairs with all the spiders (even though he hates spiders) to get the tree and decorations out while the girls and I bake gingerbread biscuits in the kitchen to hang on the tree.

Every year that the kids are getting older, Christmas is getting more exciting for us (and them!). We’ll make mince pies for the Three Pillars Homeless Charity that feeds homeless people in St Neots and Peterborough. We’ll make Christmas cards for our relatives in Somerset who we are unlikely to see. Christmas Eve we will go to church for the carol service and then it will be home and bed (via a mince pie for Santa and a carrot for Rudolph!)

But I have to confess I haven’t thought about a single Christmas present! I’ve got some ideas of what to get for our girls but my parents require some extra thought. They don’t like being bought ‘stuff.’ They’ve got a house full of it collecting dust and much prefer to get out and about, doing, seeing and experiencing life and all that is has to offer. In the past we have bought them tickets to a festival in Hull, and last year we got them tickets to a live orchestral performance to a David Attenborough documentary. Mum said it was one of the best things that they’d ever seen. Result! Can’t ask for more than that (but I need to start doing some research fast if I want to equal last year’s gift). My two brothers and sister also tend to buy them experiences, and so by the time January is here, I know their social calendar for 2020 will be shaping up nicely.

Seeing how much my parents love their gifts of experiences rather than ‘stuff’ makes me know that tickets to The Peterborough Kids’ Fest will be an absolute winner for any friends or relatives of children under the age of 14...there must be quite a few of you! We really have got something to offer every type of child, from those who just need to burn off tonnes of energy (that’s our eldest sorted on the inflatables then!), to the inquisitive and creative (I’m thinking photography, STEM activities and Mindfulness) and those who love animals, a boogie or even those who love listening.

And what I love most of all about giving experiences rather than stuff is that you can get to experience our fabulous festival with them, see and be part of their enjoyment. Surely that has to be better than a voucher?!?

Merry Christmas

Kim, Mike and the girls xxxx

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