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Happy National Grandparents Day!

I’m sure many of you know that today is National Grandparents day, and what better way to celebrate than to think about our own grandparents and the grandparents of our children.

You remember those guys, those slightly crinklier and much more cheerful versions of the people who brought us up, when we were young and full of mischief. It is easy to forget all of the hard work that they put into raising us, especially now, when they are sneaking ice cream to our own children and ruining their routines with late trips to the park and sugary deposits just before mealtimes.

Sometimes we struggle to associate the stressed-out frazzled task masters of our childhood, with the jolly, care-free spirits of today who are often reminding us to stay calm, and not be too hard on our own kids. But then we pass by a mirror and are faced with a reflection of the past, a reminder that we are all part of the same line of joyless disciplinarians who nag our children into constant rebellion. But if we are part of that line, then we can take great comfort in the fact that we will probably join them in their club one day. That special group of people who are always calm amidst the tears and the tantrums. The ones who love to play with the children until they, or all of them are asleep. Those special people who love our children in that kind, keen and comforting way that we sometimes forget to do. Of course, it’s easier to be that understanding when you get to escape and go home at the end of the day!

So, raise a warm cup of tea to the badly-behaved babysitters, make a toast to the shoulders to cry on; here’s to you, oh squidgy ones!

Also, if they message you and ask for gift ideas for Christmas, why not suggest Kids’ fest tickets for Feb 2020! Heck, buy them the tickets for Christmas and they can take your little ones themselves!

From Kim, Mike and the girls xxx

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