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2019 was a great year for us (the idea for The Kids' Fest was born after all), but we're so excited for what 2020 has to bring as we can't to open the doors to The Peterborough Kids' Fest! In our first blog of the new year, we've decided to focus on two types of our 35 FREE activities. First up, because we all love a bit of exercise in the new year, is sports. And then we're going to give our brains a workout too by looking at our scientific activities. SPORTS: When planning our festival we've always imagined kids asleep in the car on their way home, exhausted after a brilliant time at the festival. Part of how we want to ensure that happens is to give them lots of active activities to do! We're thrilled that the sports team from Vivacity are going to be running our multi-sports zone. There's going to be a different sport every hour of the festival and no matter your age or ability, the amazing team will ensure you can take part. From football or tag rugby and maybe even a bit of cricket too, there's going to be something every hour to get the blood pumping. But not all sports need to be super active, some require precision. And to hone those skills we've got a fab mini golf course for all the family to enjoy. There are 9 chances to get a hole in one...who will manage it?!? You can also try out an ancient sport when at The Peterborough Kids' Fest. If you head over to the martial arts workshop Sensei Hicks, from Hicks Martial Arts, will be imparting all his years of experience and knowledge in karate. Aimed at children aged two and a half years old and up, this impressive skill promises to develop children physically and mentally for a healthy and happy future. Perfect! SCIENCE: When you're at The Peterborough Kids' Fest you don't have to dig deep to find fascinating activities! If dinosaurs are your thing, you'll get to meet real-life palaeontologist Jamie Jordan from Fossils Galore. Jamie has completed hundreds and hundreds of fossil digs. His most famous discovery is of an almost complete Iguanodon skeleton which he named, "Indie." Throughout the day, Jamie and his team will be helping you dig for fossils, you can see some of the tools they use on digs for dinosaurs and learn about how he became a palaeontologist. Driving all the way from London in her infamous Geo Bus is Dr Amy Edgerton, from University College London. Dr Amy and her team will be helping you understand why earthquakes happen. Then you can build your own shake-proof building and test it on a shaking table. We think this is earth-shatteringly good fun!! THERE'S NOT LONG LEFT: It's just 33 days until we open the doors to The Peterborough Kids' Fest.  If you haven't got your tickets yet, don't forget they're cheaper if you buy in advance. Advance ticket prices are:

1 – 4 year olds -  £8.00

5 – 14 year olds  - £12.00

Adults - £5.00

Under 1s -  FREE

Family (based on 2 adults & 2 children aged 5-14) - £30

On the gate prices are:

1 – 4 year olds -  £10.00

5 – 14 year olds  - £15.00

Adults - £5.00

Under 1s -  FREE

Family (based on 2 adults & 2 children aged 5-14) - £35

So if you want to save a few £££ click on this link to get your tickets now! 


See you there!

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