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MEET THE MAGIC MAKER: Megan Dewey, Dewey School of Dance

There is a small team of us creating The Peterborough Kids’ Fest and we’ve been updating everyone over the last few months about our ethos and how we got started. But today I wanted to start telling everyone about some of the amazing people who are going to be running activities at the festival in February. And one person sprung to mind instantly.

We first met Miss Megan* a couple of years ago as she teaches ballet to under 5s in our hometown of St Neots. I was always impressed by her calm authority, utter enthusiasm and brilliant way of teaching such tiny babies how to move, follow instruction and enjoy movement and dance as much as she does.

As a lot of awesome people do, Megan struck out on her own, starting her own dance company, the eponymous, Dewey School of Dance. Respect!

Through her own school, Megan teaches ballet, modern and contemporary dance to children aged 5 - 12 years old in St Neots. And in the short time she’s been going, she’s already got quite the following, with parents commenting frequently on how much their children love her classes, and get so much from them. Confidence building, making new friends, balance and coordination are just some of the things parents have seen grow in their children after attending Miss Megan’s classes and that’s before they comment on how much their children love Miss Megan herself. I know first hand how much children love Miss Megan - mine are obsessed and getting ready for their dance class is the only time in the week that they manage to focus on getting ready. As a parent I am going to be eternally grateful to her for introducing me to the saying, “what do we do with our talking tongues? Sssshh!” I’ve totally stolen it, and it totally works!

At The Peterborough Kids’ Fest Miss Megan is going to be focussing on contemporary dance. There will be two sessions aimed at different age groups. Creative Contemporary is for ages 5 - 7 and Contemporary is for ages 8 - 14 years. Both of these classes will be on at least twice during each festival session. They’ll give you a really good taster of what contemporary dancing is all about and you can have a snippet of what a wonderful teacher Miss Megan is!

Miss Megan’s Contemporary Dance classes are just one of over 35 activities that are available FREE to everyone once they’re inside The Peterborough Kids’ Fest, and just the start of what sports are available for your kids to get involved with.

If you’d like to meet Miss Megan, one of our many magic makers, buy your tickets now at: www.thekidsfest.co.uk

* I can’t not call Megan, Miss Megan, I know I’m not one of her pupils but it just feels wrong somehow!!

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