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Our Child Safety Policy

I don’t know if you’ve ever lost your child, but I have, and I found it really scary…

One Sunday morning, not so long ago, I took the girls off to Cambridge to buy a new book.  The kids were milling around, as was I, trying to find the next page turner. Bessy, our eldest, sat down at a table to read a book and I showed her exactly where I would be standing so she knew where to look when she raised her head from reading.  I thought I had an airtight plan…

I kept looking back at her to check she was sitting nicely, and not ripping said book (she went through a stage of eating them, don’t ask!). Check, flick through a book, check again, all fine.  Flick through a book, check back - no Bessy.  

With my heart in my mouth, but trying to stay calm, I start calling her name, hoping that she’s wandered off to find another book or is hiding in one of the play tents.  No Bessy. I call her name even more loudly to no success. I’m now running through this large book shop, pushing our youngest in the pushchair and praying that no one has taken her.  I keep shouting and shouting, it has been about thirty seconds but feels like hours.  

All of a sudden I saw her at the opposite end of the store running towards me.  How did she get that far away?!? She was fine until she got to me and then we both had a bit of a cry.  The poor lamb was scared stiff. Almost as much as I was.  

I was lucky.  She was lucky.  Reunited. Gulp.

So when it came to organising The Peterborough Kids’ Fest, we knew first hand that becoming separated from your child can easily happen to anyone and is really, really scary when it does.  

Now we have come up with this super cool Child Safety Policy, so everyone is clear about what to do in the unlikely event that you and your child do become separated when you’re at The Peterborough Kids’ Fest next February, and we can get you back together in two shakes of a lamb’s tail.

When every child enters the festival they’ll be given a wristband which they must wear.  Just inside the doors one of our lovely volunteers will be waiting with a bunch of Sharpies so you can write your mobile number on the wristband. 

If we find your lost child, we’ll call that mobile number and agree on a meeting point to reunite you both.  Sorted.

If you contact us to say you’ve been separated from your child, we will shut down the entire site until you are reunited with them.  This means that no one can enter or leave and this not only applies to our festival venue, but the whole of the East of England Show ground as well. No one in, no one out. No cars in, no cars out.  That’s cool right?

We’ll then use our loudspeakers to help find your child, and our entire team will be alerted to look for them.  That’s a lot of eyes, and before you know it, we’ll have happy families again!

Kim, Mike and The Girls xxx

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