• kim and Mike Rossiter

The Kid’s Fest is coming to Peterborough!

We’ve been months in the planning and are incredibly excited to share our plans with you.

We’ve been looking for a festival aimed solely at our kids – rather than a festival where its ok to bring kids. It all started when we were visiting another outdoor event. It’s an event that we have visited every year with our daughters, but as they’ve got a bit older they were no longer entertained by the trotting horses in the centre ring. The only thing that excited them were the endless rides at the fairground, which at £2 a pop per child, was going to cost us a small fortune – and wasn’t something I was prepared to do.

So on that day, I left one of the highlights of my summer calendar feeling as though we’d just paid to go in, buy lunch, look at a cow, have an ice cream and come home again. Not the event’s fault at all, but I knew there had to be a better option.

A few days later we were having a picnic in our back garden, when Mike came up with the winning idea; “we need to do Kid-stock... the kids version of Woodstock.” I instantly knew this was a genius idea but surely someone else would already be doing this, right?

Wrong. After a bit of research online, I realised that there quite simply wasn’t anything like this in the East of England.

And so, The Kids’ Fest was born.

We set about devising what our ideal festival would look like, who would go to it, what activities we would put on. We realised rather than just endless games, we wanted our festival to educate, entertain and inform the kids who went there (if it’s a good enough mantra for the BBC, it’s good enough for us!). We knew we wanted it to be epic, and be jam-packed with every shade of jump up and down happy you could imagine.

Every day since then, we’ve been scouring the region to find the very best activities, educational workshops, entertainers, and just stonking good fun that will keep your kids talking for weeks after.

We can’t wait to keep you updated with everything we have in store for you…

Kim, Mike & The Girls xxx

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