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The Kids’ Fest-ering Halloween

Whether you enjoy the American version of Halloween, with hordes of costume-clad children roaming the streets, toilet-rolling civilian houses who refuse to feed their sugar habit. Or you subscribe to the classic idea of All Hallows eve and its roots in Christian culture.

Personally, we are somewhere in between. Our girls are a little too young to be prowling the streets this Thursday; collection bucket in one hand, bag of tricks in the other. But that doesn’t mean I won’t grab a bag of something tasty to give any brave young revellers who are bold enough to come down our un-lit street. After all, I prefer to keep the brickwork of our house free of eggs and goodness knows what!

Growing up I lived in an old house right opposite a cemetery. When friends would ask me where I lived, and I told them, they would always respond with a, “ No! I thought that house was haunted,” or a “How do you sleep opposite a graveyard!?” I would always find that funny, but then I had lived there all my life and so it wasn’t creepy to me. Nevertheless, it didn’t stop friends from wanting to come over and do Ouija boards in my parent’s garage or wait until dark and dare each other to walk as far as we could into the grounds of the cemetery. I have so many fond memories of the stories we would tell, in the candlelight, amidst the crisp packets and biscuit crumbs. Stories about escaped psychopaths and couples stranded in haunted woods. I can’t believe we used to think that these stories were so original, but I guess that is the beauty of it, that time-honoured tradition that is passed down from one child to the other. I think most people like the thrill of a good a scare and I think at this time of year, when the nights are longer and the air is cooler, it is nice to gather around and warm our hearts with a chilling tale or two! If Halloween isn’t about sweets and tricks, the eve of the harvest, or even a religious festival; at least it can be about that, the joy of getting together and being creative in our own little communities of good friends and family.

Hopefully, come February, when the winter days are at their coldest, we can all get together again:


“Let’s say the 8th or 9th …”


Ah, you know the rest!

Mike, kim and the girls xxx

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