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The Peterborough Kids’ Fest and The Amazon Children’s Ward

When we were in the early planning stages of our children’s festival, we knew that we wanted it to be fully inclusive and have the same values with which we are raising our own children. Kindness, thinking of others and helping those less fortunate than ourselves.

So our children’s festival is fully inclusive - that was always a given. We’re ensuring all kids, no matter their level of ability (we don’t really like the word disabled - everyone has an ability) will be able to participate in as many of our fun and educational activities. After all, it’s The Kids’ Fest - so if it’s not for all children, who is it for?!?

But more than this, I wanted our children’s festival to actively help children who have a tougher time than most. We thought long and hard about a particular charity that we might be able to support during the festival. I was inspired by a good friend of ours whose eldest daughter has special educational needs. They are an amazing family who unfortunately have to deal with a whole heap of extra stuff in order to get their daughter the care and support she needs, and I know they’re not alone. I also know that the family have had a lot of contact with the local children’s ward over the years and so we came across The Amazon Children’s Ward at Peterborough City Hospital.

The Amazon Children’s Ward has 30 beds for children aged 0 - 16 who have a variety of conditions and illnesses. Some are long term conditions that require children to keep returning to the hospital for periods of time. There’s a dedicated team of nurses, health care support work, a play team, specialist dieticians and specialist physiotherapists. The medical team is led by an experienced group of Consultant Paediatricians who have diverse skills and expertise.

The Amazon Children’s Ward provides family centre care with a home from home environment with facilities that allow as much normalisation for the children and their families. That’s pretty epic and I’m sure is incredibly helpful to all the families who need this resource.

The staff on the ward work enormously hard to aid every child’s recovery. They tell me that making them smile through an emotional experience for both the children and their families is the most rewarding feeling.

At The Peterborough Kids’ Fest all activities are free and you’re free to bring your own picnic, so you won’t need to spend any additional money once you’re inside the doors. However we hope that you could help us support The Amazon Children’s Ward so they can continue to offer an excellent level of care for all of the children who need it.

Kim, Mike & The Girls xxx

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