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We’ve got Christmas Wrapped Up

In our house, like many others I suspect, we’ve already been thinking about Christmas, the celebrations, the decorations, the food, and of course, gifts.

The other thing I think about at least once a day is the climate crisis. I really believe it’s the most pressing issue facing our country and the entire world, and it’s beginning to make me think differently about how we celebrate birthdays and anniversaries but also Bonfire Night, Halloween and of course, Christmas.

So I did a little bit of googling and discovered a couple of shocking statistics.

Did you know that in the UK alone, we’re going to send around a billion Christmas cards. A billion! Us Britons are also going to get through an incredible 40 million rolls of plastic sticky tape and the amount of wrapping paper we’re going to get through will stretch to the moon! Remember, these statistics are just for the UK...scary when you think that a large portion of the world will be doing the same.

These are the thing we’re going to be doing in our house to minimise the waste:

- I’m only going to send Christmas cards to elderly relatives who we aren’t able to see over the festive period. The kids will love making them (and probably covering our house in paint too) and the personal touch is always nice too.

- We’re going to use recyclable brown wrapping paper, paper tape and string to wrap up our gifts. A lot of the pre-printed wrapping paper can’t be recycled. And again, I’m sure my little Christmas elves will love colouring it in.

- We’re dusting down our artificial tree again. Having an artificial tree is deemed more eco-friendly than cutting one down every year, but not as eco-friendly as a tree that you replant after Christmas. But on balance not using our artificial one seems wasteful, so we’re sticking with that this year, and probably many more to come!

- We’re buying experiences, not gifts. My parents have wanted experiences rather than ‘stuff’ for years now, mostly because they don’t really need anything - they were obviously ahead of the times! But I’m definitely looking at what activities or experiences that we can buy for our nieces and nephews this year. We’d much rather them have wonderful memories, rather than something that is going to be forgotten in a pile by the end of January. And if we weren’t organising The Peterborough Kids’ Fest ourselves, I can honestly say it would be top of our list! At £30 for a family ticket, we think it’s a bargain. All activities are free once you’re inside and there’s more than 35 to choose from. From just plain-old fashioned fun to learning, sport and well-being activities we think there’s something for everyone. Tickets are selling fast, so get yours before they are gone!

We can’t wait to see you in February, in the meantime, one month today until Christmas!!

Kim, Mike and The Girls xxx

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